2017 Section 236 Interim Certification of Use Form

This form will create a 236 Interim Certification of Use for 2017.

Select a development from the dropdown table and press “Submit.” The eform will display the data on monthly retained excess income as reported to HUD via the Pay.gov website. If no data has been reported the eform with display the words “No Report.” This information will be valid as of the date shown on the third line at the top of the ICU eform. This information will be updated periodically with goal of updating it monthly, if possible.

Please review the data to validate the information. Should you find an error in the amount of Excess Income reported for a given month you will have to correct the data by submitting a revised 93104 to Pay.gov. MassHousing cannot correct the report on your behalf. When submitting corrected reports on Pay.Gov Form HUD- 93104, add the word REVISED to your project name, (Apple Commons-REVISED). This is necessary as the reports we receive from HUD will display all amounts reported to Pay.gov and we will be unable to determine which is the correct amount. If a further revision is necessary, use “REVISED2” and so on for as many revisions as may be necessary. All of the reports will display in the extract from Pay.gov but MassHousing will use only the “Revised” amount for the ICU eform.

If you believe that the approved uses for Excess Income are inaccurate, please contact the Subsidy Administration staff at MassHousing for further guidance.

For a PowerPoint overview of this process, please click here.

Name of Development: