Top MassHousing Loan Originators

Listed below are the top originators of MassHousing Mortgage loans in the 2019 calendar year. You may also .

Platinum Level Lenders: 25+ Loans Originated

License Number Loan Originator Lender
441889 James Pollard Academy Mortgage Corporation

Gold Level Lenders: 20-24 Loans Originated

License Number Loan Originator Lender
38803 Trevor McFarland Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
22400 Eileen Hennessey Academy Mortgage Corporation
7206 Shant Banosian Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
699976 Elise Bare Residential Mortgage Services, INC.

Silver Level Lenders: 15-19 Loans Originated

License Number Loan Originator Lender
29861 Andrew Marquis Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
490282 Chad Rankin Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
493847 Katya Magee Mortgage Network, Inc
156393 Adam Moore Academy Mortgage Corporation
188551 Anne Borghesani First Home Mortgage Corporation
49223 Wilfredo Salvador Español CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
1629205 Ricky John Simoneau Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
19301 William B. Murphy Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
29613 George Koutsos CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
35291 Maria Medeiros Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
719017 Emily DeGray Residential Mortgage Services, INC.

Bronze Level Lenders: 10-14 Loans Originated

License Number Loan Originator Lender
35213 Savvas Fetfatsidis Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
19006 Kate Reagan Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
153852 Jessica Paquette Guaranteed Rate Affinity, LLC
1456675 Annmarie Edwards Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
13263 Jorge DosSantos Total Mortgage Services, LLC
50274 Lisa Mish Español Freedom Credit Union
16301 Dena Barber Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
41008 Denise Peach Total Mortgage Services, LLC
46892 Mark Shea Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc.
484281 Cheryl LeBlanc Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
1094433 Kathryn Weldon Total Mortgage Services, LLC
522509 Kenneth Askins Mortgage Network, Inc
45863 Dina Papantoniou CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
1133739 Nathan Hartseil First Home Mortgage Corporation
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481172 Stefani Eaton Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
1592276 Steven Rivas Equity Loans, LLC
173737 Diann Mary May Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
49193 Doug Perry CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.