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Dispute Resolution Services

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Dispute resolution services to address on-site conflict are available at no additional cost to all sites that join TAP.

Mediation, facilitation, consultation and the Building Peaceful Communities resident workshop give staff, residents and other parties dealing with conflicts a neutral venue to discuss their issues, generate options, and work toward mutually agreeable resolutions.

On-site professional services to help manage conflict are provided throughout the Commonwealth.

Please go to for additional information.

For questions and intake, contact Josh Hoch (MWI) at 617.895.4028.

What's Been Said after Dispute Resolution

"I'm not a professionally trained mediator and bringing one in helped residents communicate effectively and it was extremely successful."
ā€” Resident Service Coordinator
"Mediation was very worthwhile. I did not think that it was going to work. But it has worked out really well. Iā€™m very glad that I did it."
ā€” Resident

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