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Join TAP for 2022

A photos of attendees at an event organized through TAP, the Tenant Assistance Program

Rental housing isn’t just about buildings. It’s also about the people who live there and the people who build it and keep it running. TAP helps to provide housing stability and helps to strengthen families and communities.

Hundreds of housing developments across the Commonwealth join TAP, MassHousing’s Tenant Assistance Program, each year. We hope that your rental community is one of them in 2022.

Available to all housing developments, TAP offers member sites unlimited access to trainings; a choice of diverse programs and workshops for residents; and dispute resolution services to help address on-site conflict.

Membership Benefits

TAP membership provides these hands-on tools to address issues affecting families and seniors in rental housing:

Membership invoices for 2022 calendar year will be mailed to property managers in January. The TAP program will operate for a pilot period between January-June, 2022. A new invoice will then be issued for the launch of the TAP program that will now operate July 1-June 30. To join, submit payment with invoice upon receipt.

To learn more about TAP, view the TAP brochure or Frequently Asked Questions, or contact Kelly Hetrick at 617.854.1352.

New TAP membership models

Along with launching enrollment, we have also restructured the TAP membership model. We have seen a dramatic increase in the cost of conducting high-quality trainings led by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. The cost of providing residents with exciting and impactful programs has risen as well. We therefore made the difficult decision to raise TAP membership fees for the first time since 1984.

We have also received an updated endorsement from HUD, which includes training and dispute resolution as allowable expenses in your operating budget. Accordingly, if you are a HUD assisted site, we have structured the benefits in such a way that allows you to choose your level of participation. The pricing structure for HUD-assisted and non HUD-assisted sites is outlined below. Please carefully review the new HUD endorsement in this process of enrollment.

Pricing Structure: Non HUD-Assisted Sites

The value of TAP extends beyond sites financed and/or overseen by MassHousing. Therefore, we have created a tiered pricing system that makes TAP membership available to any site. This pricing model will include all three benefits (training, dispute resolution services, and an allotment of resident programs) for the flat rate outlined below:

  • Sites that are financed by MassHousing: $14 per unit
  • Sites that are affiliated but not financed with MassHousing: $18 per unit
  • Sites that don't fit into either of the above categories: $22 per unit

Pricing Structure: HUD-Assisted Sites

HUD-Assisted sites will receive two invoices. The first invoice is aligned with HUD's updated endorsement and will be $10 per unit. This will include access to training and dispute resolution ONLY.

The second invoice will be an optional add-on for an allotment of resident programs. Please note that this is only available as an add-on to the $10/unit fee and cannot be accessed on its own.

  • Sites that are financed by MassHousing: $4 per unit
  • Sites that are not financed by MassHousing: $8 per unit

You can write separate checks based on these two invoices or you can opt to write one check if that is more convenient. In any case, please carefully review HUD's updated endorsement of the TAP program in determining at what level you would like to participate. If you believe you have received an incorrect invoice, please contact Kelly Hetrick at 617.854.1352.

Other Resources

Designed for individuals working in property management and social services, some of TAP's resources are available to the general public without TAP membership:

TAP Announcements

You can receive TAP announcements in your inbox. Email your name and contact information to

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