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Youth Resident Activities Program (Youth RAP)

Youth RAP addresses the lack of resources for young people living in MassHousing developments. Started in 1991 at seven properties in Boston, Youth RAP is now offered statewide and year-round.

Program offerings include

  • Educational support (i.e., GED, tutoring, ESL, after-school)
  • Recreational activities
  • Programs that promote youth leadership, self-esteem and respect
  • Cultural/educational activities
  • Violence prevention/dispute resolution
  • Part-time or summer jobs

Youth RAP has been recognized by the National Council of State Housing Agencies, and was replicated by the Rhode Island Housing Finance Agency. Youth RAP also helped MassHousing become a finalist in the Ford Foundation's Innovation in State and Local Government 1994 national competition.

For consultation on replication or for other information on Youth RAP, contact Kelly Hetrick at 617.854.1352.

Forms & Documents

Looking for a form, document or other resource? Find it in our Community Services Library.

 TAP Documents
Document  2022 Resident Program Catalog
Document  Resident Program Request Form
Document  Resident Service Coordinator's Handbook
Document  Community Connections, TAP's First 25 Years (1983-2008)