Promoting Healthy Housing Communities

Substance Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment

The documents, links and other items on this page were originally collected as part of MassHousing's 2012 Community Services Conference, Promoting Healthy Housing Communities: Substance Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment, but they are useful for all housing professionals in confronting substance abuse. Resources are arranged by workshop topic.

To obtain a large print, tape or electronic version of any of these documents, contact MassHousing at TEL: 617.854.1084; VP: 86.758.1435; or FAX: 617.722.0613.

 Substance Abuse - Plenary Speakers and Panel
Document  Bureau of Substance Abuse Services Prevention Unit Directory
Document  Presentation by Steve Keel, Director of Prevention Services, Bure...
Document  Roles and Boundaries Panel Case Study
 Addressing Substance Abuse Among Older Adults
Document  Addressing Issues of Substance Abuse Among Older Adults in Servic...
Document  Alcohol and Medication Issues Among Older Adults
Document  Substance Abuse Among Older Adults - Bibliography
 Understanding Adolescent Substance Abuse
Web Link  Alcohol Facts
Web Link  Preventing Drug Abuse among Children & Adolescents
 Parents with Substance Abuse Problems
Document  Common Reactions to Violence and Trauma
Document  Drug Fact Sheet
Document  Guidelines for Approaching Substance Abusing Mothers in Different...
Document  Progression and Recovery of the Family in the Disease of Alcoholi...
Document  Substance Abuse Among Parents - Presentation
Document  The Progression of the Disease from First Use to Dependence
 Working with the Justice System
Web Link  Civil Commitment Statute
Web Link  Domestic Violence Statute
Document  Drug Courts in Massachusetts
Document  Notice of Probation Violation and Hearing
Document  Order of Probation Conditions
Web Link  Tenancy Preservation Program
 Treatment Continuum
Web Link  Bay Cove Human Services - Drug and Alcohol Treatment