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Upcoming Deadlines

  • CDMS M/WBE Utilization Reports: due January 25 for mid-year; July 25 for year-end
  • Budgets: due 60 days prior to the start of the new fiscal year
 Reporting Links
Web Link  Submit Annual Budgets w/ WebABCs
Web Link  Submit Financial Audits w/ WebFACTS
Web Link  Submit Sec. 236 Excess Income Reports

Borrower Disbursements by ACH

Effective 1 August 2018, all disbursements payable to our Borrowers—from Replacement Reserves, Collateral Accounts or similar borrower funds held at MassHousing—will be paid by ACH. Paper checks will no longer be issued.

The benefits to you, our Borrower, are tremendous: ACH disbursements are processed quickly, on an almost daily basis; there's greater safety and security—no lost or delayed in the mail checks! Please contact your MassHousing Loan Servicing Analyst today to set-up your bank account with us for ACH!

 Helpful Resources
Web Link  Department of Housing & Community Development
Web Link  HUD Forms and Documents
Web Link  MassAccess Housing Registry
Web Link  MassDocs
Web Link  Mel King Institute for Community Building