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New Borrower/Developer Documents

Here you'll find forms, documents and other resources to help you apply for and obtain financing from MassHousing.


 Rental Financing Term Sheets
Document  Term Sheet: Non-Substantial Rehabilitation
Document  Term Sheet: Substantial Rehabilitation
Document  Term Sheet: Mixed Income Financing Programs (40B) - Taxable Only
Document  Term Sheet: New Construction/Adaptive Reuse
Document  Bridge Loan Financing Term Sheet
 Loan Application Documents
Document  One Stop Application Checklist
Document  Official Action Status (OAS) Application
Document  One-Stop Application Instructions
Web Link  OneStop Application (Excel)
Web Link  OneStop + Application (For use with DHCD funding)
 Financing Policies
Document  Acquisition Value Policy
Document  Capital Needs and Replacement Reserve Policy for Acquisition and...
Document  Limited Dividend Policy
Document  MassHousing Proactive Multifamily Preservation and Loan Prepaymen...
Document  Equity Requirements
Document  Memo: Equity Revaluation - Appraisal Guidelines
Document  Developer's Fee Overhead Policy
Document  Corporate Guarantee Policy
Document  Environmental Requirements
 Tax Credit & Tax-Exempt Bond Information
Document  Tax-Exempt Obligation Financing
 MAP Joint Venture Documents
Document  MAP Disposition Agreement Template
Document  MAP MEPA and AAB Certification (MS-Word)
Document  MAP MEPA and AAB Certification (PDF)
Document  MAP Regulatory Agreement Template


HUDCLIPS was moved to in 2008. If you haven't already, you should bookmark this site. Most of the standard forms you used to find on HUDCLIPS are also available at