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Sober Housing

MassHousing's Center for Community Recovery Innovations (CCRI) supports creative strategies for dealing with alcohol and substance abuse in housing communities.

CCRI provides

  • One-time gap funding to support the creation or preservation of affordable sober housing
  • One-time funding for programs and services that support affordable sober housing

Proposals are reviewed by MassHousing staff, a Community Services Department Advisory Committee, and finally by the CCRI Board of Directors.

CCRI's Priorities

  • Increasing the availability of affordable alcohol- and drug-free housing
  • Promoting intervention, recovery and successful tenancies for residents with chemical dependencies
  • Providing equitable services and resources, geographically and for all populations, with a special focus on housing and services to women with children, adolescent/young women, or youth

To date, more than $10 million has been committed through the program, creating or preserving more than 2,100 units of affordable, sober housing in 50 communities. For more information, contact Ed Chase at or 617.854.1094.

Applying for CCRI Grants

After the November 13, 2018 Board vote, no uncommitted CCRI funds remain available for FY19. Per terms of the FY19 CCRI RFP, Section V. A., no applications will be accepted for the December 14, 2018 Round 2 deadline.

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