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DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program

Through the DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program, property owners set aside 3% of all low- and moderate-income units for referrals from the Departments of Mental Health (DMH) and Developmental Services (DDS).

The program, which began in 1978, has resulted in more than 500 units in MassHousing-financed developments being reserved for clients of the DMH and DDS.

Program Details

  • The management company conducts applicant screening
  • DMH/DDS offer support services to maintain successful tenancies
  • DMH/DDS will work to provide services to the larger housing community
  • In cases of unsuccessful tenancies, DMH/DDS will assist with alternative housing search

Contact Us

For more information, contact Linda McMahan at or 617.854.1084.

 DMH/DDS Set-Aside Documents
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