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TAP Resident Programs

TAP offers members diverse on-site workshops and programs that help residents, resident associations and site staff maintain healthy housing communities.

Sites select and schedule programs from a catalog listing of educational and self-help programs, music, dance, yoga, entertainment and multicultural activities. The number of allotted free programs is based on the number of apartments at the site.

2017 Resident Programs

2017 Resident Program information will be posted early in the new year.

For past Resident Program offerings, view the 2016 Resident Program Catalog.

For more information, contact Denise Green at 617.854.1080.

What they're saying...

"The wide variety of resident programs allow our largely non-English speaking population to engage with each other through music and exercise programs that provide health benefits as well as being enjoyable."
 TAP Resident Programs
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Document  TAP Resident Program Request Form
Document  TAP Resident Programs, 2016