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Refinancing Subsidized Multifamily Housing

MassHousing provides a variety of refinancing and second mortgage products to properties financed by MassHousing or HUD.

Who is eligible?

  • Owners of mid-size or large rental developments (typically 20 or more units) financed by MassHousing or HUD
  • Owners of 2-, 3- or 4-family properties should explore MassHousing's Home Ownership programs

Products include

  • Refinancing of FHA-insured loans and mortgage increases to fund safety systems, energy conversions, conservation measures and deferred capital replacements
  • New or additional debt for developments that have been awarded federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and/or state Housing Stabilization Funds and HOME funds for major rehabilitation
  • Equity takeout loans to encourage owners of prepayment- and conversion-eligible properties to extend their terms of affordability

Contact Us

For more information, contact David Keene, MassHousing's Manager of Portfolio Preservation at 617.854.1124.


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